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quantitative economic solutions, LLC provides economic consulting services across numerous industries in both litigation and non-litigation settings.


Chris Vellturo and Peter Malaspina lead a team of economists from top undergraduate and graduate programs.


QES seeks recent and expected graduates with strong quantitative and analytic skills in economics for Economic Analyst positions.



In litigation work, QES takes on projects in numerous practice areas, with cases primarily concentrated in intellectual property, antitrust/mergers and contract matters. In non-litigation work, QES provides companies with strategic advice on product launches and repositionings, as well as on how to value and monetize certain assets, including aiding in the design and implementation of licensing programs.  


We apply our expertise across industries in the U.S. and internationally. Industries we have studied include consumer products, pharmaceuticals, payment systems, computer hardware and software including semiconductors and mobile technology, smartphones, medical devices, financial instruments, entertainment, and numerous others.


 "'A leading and respected damages expert', microeconomics maestro Chris Vellturo delivers crisp analyses in IP valuation and damages assessment scenarios at Quantitative Economic Solutions; he is also an authority on competition issues.

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