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QES, LLC was founded by Dr. Christopher Vellturo in 2002. Dr. Vellturo has thirty years of experience in economic consulting, and QES has established an extensive and loyal client base among leading law firms and corporations.

Our work extends across numerous disciplines and industries in litigation and non-litigation settings, including intellectual propertyantitrust and competition, and other complex commercial litigation matters. Recent cases in which QES has been heavily involved include patent infringement disputes relating to smartphones and tablets and antitrust matters relating to the credit card industry.

With decades of collective experience in economic consulting, extensive expertise in economics, statistics, finance, and marketing, and a detailed understanding of a variety of industries, QES is known for applying rigorous analytical methods to solve complex economic problems. QES has a dedicated team that prides itself on its commitment to high-quality analysis, collaborative teamwork, and straightforward and effective

communication of complex analyses and findings to a broad range of audiences.

The culture at QES is professional, dedicated, and collaborative, with essential injections of collegiality and humor.

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