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Prescription Drugs

QES has extensive experience with pharmaceutical patent disputes, spanning dozens of products and multiple therapeutic areas. With expertise in patent damages, QES work includes calculating the compensation to which the patent holder is entitled in the form of lost profits and/or reasonable royalties if the asserted patents are found to be valid and infringed, as well as assessing commercial success and irreparable harm.

Credit Card


QES has studied automated teller machine (“ATM”)/point of sale (“POS”) networks, credit and debit payment systems, check verification and guarantee services, and wire transfer operations, among others. Dr. Vellturo has provided expert reports and testimony in two of the largest antitrust cases related to the credit card industry in history, requiring rigorous and thoughtful analysis of enormous datasets handled in-house using dedicated servers and database and statistical analysis software Microsoft SQL Server and SAS®.

Patient with Healthcare Nurse


The healthcare industry, constituting almost 18% of the US economy, is subject to significant antitrust oversight. QES has experience working with some of the biggest healthcare names in the country in antitrust matters, having the professional experience and IT infrastructure necessary to work with large datasets of insurance claims, hospital payments, and customer membership data.

Doctor Analyzing X-Rays


Successful medical devices often face patent infringement disputes, requiring expert testimony that incorporates a broad range of quantitative skills and industry knowledge. For more than a decade, QES has worked on patent infringement cases involving a wide range of medical devices, including heart stents, defibrillators, and medical testing equipment, among others.

Girl in Pharmacy


QES has experience with consumer product marketplaces ranging from consumer electronics to skin care in both patent and antitrust cases. Important in both types of work is the careful assessment of specific market dynamics, including supplier characteristics, market structure, market concentration, and elements of consumer demand such as elasticities. QES has extensive experience analyzing these elements of consumer product markets using industry data and supplier-level transaction data.



In the context of assessing damages sustained as a result of patent infringement, QES has worked with various technology industries, including:

  • Digital entertainment products

  • Computer hardware & software

  • Smartphones, tablets and related

  • Semiconductors

  • Thermal transfer printers

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