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QES strives to assemble the best possible team of consulting and support staff in order to provide top-quality research and analysis for our clients. Our tight-knit team maintains a professional, dedicated, and collegial culture. We work on case teams of anywhere from two through ten consultants in order to handle projects of all sizes.


As a small firm, QES provides Analysts with a unique experience during the early stages of their career. Analysts gain exposure to many facets of economic consulting and have extensive interaction with highly experienced senior colleagues. They are given significant responsibility and ownership of analyses right out of the gate. The opportunity to have a meaningful impact on QES’s high stakes casework offers a fantastic chance for Analysts to develop early on in their careers.


Our office is centrally located in downtown Boston.


QES provides microeconomic-based consulting services to firms in a wide variety of contexts. Casework consists primarily of research and analysis in private litigations relating to antitrust, intellectual property, and contract disputes. Additionally, QES provides valuation services and licensing consultations with respect to both intellectual property and other assets, and engages in strategic consulting with particular emphasis on pricing, product positioning, and competitive dynamics.


Analysts are primarily responsible for research, analysis, exposition, and presentation of economic models and data. Tasks include researching relevant markets and industries, preparing memos and summaries, analyzing data, creating charts and graphs and otherwise presenting results to colleagues and clients.


Prospective Analysts should have strong quantitative and analytical skills, including a background in econometrics and statistics.


Some economics background and experience with Excel, SAS and Stata are significantly preferred, though not essential.


Desirable candidates are highly motivated and attentive to detail, possess the ability to think critically, and have strong communication, writing, and presentation skills.


QES offers highly competitive benefits and pay structure, and an opportunity to work in a dynamic, convivial, and flexible environment.

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